Cover of Taboo by Mike Novotny
  • Overcome the fear and embarrassment taboo topics carry.
  • Learn what God says about tough topics like anxiety, suicide, sexual intimacy, alcohol, and more.
  • Step gracefully into the Taboo and share God’s truth with a world in need.

Mike Novotny has written numerous books, including 3 Words That Will Change Your Life; What’s Big Starts Small; You Know God Loves You, Right?; and When Life Hurts. He holds a Doctor of Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and loves being able to pour his joy and passion into his ministry at his home church, The CORE, in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Mike is also the lead speaker for Time of Grace, a global media ministry that is committed to ensuring that God’s grace—his love, glory, and power—is accessible around the world.  

Mike lives with his wife, Kim, and their two daughters, Brooklyn and Maya; runs long distances; and plays soccer with other middle-aged men whose best days are long behind them. 

Chapter 2 - God’s To Do’s for The Depressed
Cover of Taboo by author Mike Novotny

Hot-button issues dominating our culture can make speaking out taboo. Hiding from hard conversations won’t work. We need to know what God actually says about these issues, and by looking to Scripture, we can find the answers.

In Taboo, author Mike Novotny covers deeply personal, vulnerable, and emotional topics, handling them with grace and respect. It’s the ultimate resource for Christians looking to create change and deal with struggles in their own lives.

God’s Word gives us clarity, healing, and hope. Taboo is a must-read for Christians looking for a biblically based resource to modern questions.

Not talking is not helping! It’s time for believers to step gracefully into the Taboo and share God’s truth with a world in need.





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Time of Grace is a global media ministry that is committed to ensuring that God’s grace—his love, glory, and power—is accessible around the world. As an independent, donor-funded ministry, Time of Grace works to remind people of the satisfaction and fulfillment found in Jesus, sharing its message through television, print, social media, podcasts, and other practical resources.

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Time of Grace is for people who are experiencing the highest of highs or have hit rock bottom or are anywhere in between. That’s because through Time of Grace, you will be reminded that the One who can help you in your life, the God of forgiveness and grace and mercy, is not far away. He is right here with you. GOD is here! He will help you on your spiritual journey. Walk with us at


Mike Novotny’s newest book, Taboo, will challenge, confront, and comfort you all at the same time. Without watering down the truth, Taboo brings the grace of God to the most complicated situations facing Christians today, such as addiction, abuse, politics, purity, and more. A message full of grace and truth is exactly what American Christianity needs today!

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Talking about the hard things does not get easier until it does. Mike Novotny gives us tools to practice the hard conversations until we can have them and help one another grow, heal and ultimately trust God through the hard things. Mike always goes back to the Bible. Taboo reminds us that trusting God with the hard things is an act of obedience alongside those action steps that keep us exercising in faith.

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Living and working in Hollywood, it’s been my experience that the vast majority of people who leave the Christian faith leave because their local church refused to discuss many of the very issues Mike Novotny tackles in his new book, Taboo. People have questions, and fortunately, Mike understands that God is big enough to handle our greatest challenges. 

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Sex, politics, race, mental health—all topics the Church likes to tap dance around, and yet the Bible tackles all these “taboo” topics head-on. In his timely and insightful new book, Mike walks us with grace and humility through some very thorny issues. You will discover that knowing God’s truth on these challenging topics will give you courage to press through your own struggles and to have fruitful conversations.